Precautions You Need To Take Before Getting Drug-Induced Tan

Whoever is into body building knows you need to do your best in order to look as good as possible. Having lean looking muscles involves hitting the gym several times a week and having a diet rich in proteins or even consuming a wide variety of supplements such as protein powders, amino acids and so on. As time goes by, an increasing number of bodybuilding enthusiasts have reached out to a variety of drugs to help them reach their goal. Some will boost performance, but others will do even more: they will stimulate the skin pigmentation in order to produce a tanning effect. This will make muscles look even leaner.

Introducing melanotan – what is all the rage about?

Melanotan is a stimulating hormone used to increase melanin secretion responsible for skin pigmentation. Suppliers advertise it as the solution for UV exposure and an alternative to sun beds or tan sprays. In reality, melanotan is an injectable drug that has little clinical research behind it, meaning the true extend of its side effects and its influence upon our general health state are still unknown.

Your overall appearance may backfire

If you’re so concerned about your appearance, take into account that your skin might react when administering melanotan. Users have complained about skin allergies and facial flushes, so beware if you’re sensitive to foreign substances. Make sure you give your body plenty of time to adapt. Also, note that the number of freckles on your skin will grow. Some also suffered from hyper-pigmentation which involves the formation of darker skin areas located on the gums, lips, arms or legs etc. The good news is that once you achieve the desired level of tan, these small dark areas will fade away shortly.

It might influence your training performance


Amongst the side effects of melanotan are appetite suppression, nausea and headaches that can be translated into weakness. These side effects can be noticed within the first minutes after administering the drug and can last several hours. If you are a gym addict and still want to go through the melanotan tanning regimen, calculate your doses with great precaution. They may decrease your training performance. Also, choose your weights carefully. You may not be able to lift weights as heavy as prior to using the drug.

Legal issues

It is safe to state that melanotan is a powder based drug legal to be sold and owned in many parts of the world. However the bacteriostatic water needed for diluting the powder is released based on prescription. So it’s worth mentioning owning it might be illegal. Still, you can come around sterile waters, such as sodium chloride easily, but the solution might not be as safe to use.

Is melanotan safe to use?

Researchers don’t have an answer to that yet. The first health issue revolves around needles as uncontrolled use of injectable drugs may promote the spread of blood disease. Furthermore, users claimed that the appearance of their moles and freckles has changed after they started using it. But what is not yet known is if the substance affects their structure. If studies prove this connection, the use of melanotan may soon be associated with skin cancer.

Melanotan 1 And 2: What Is The Difference Between Them?

There is a lot of talk on the internet about newly synthesized substances that promise buyers they will get the natural skin tan of their dreams. And this will happen without the hassle of sunbathing or applying fake tan creams. This is a dream come true for models, bodybuilder and generally people who want to look more toned. We have 2 products on the market melanotan 1 and melanotan 2, but what is the difference between the two?

Definition and molecular structure

Both melanotan 1 and melanotan 2 are synthetic hormones meant to serve as analogs to the human hormone produced in the pituitary gland responsible for skin and hair pigmentation. Melanotan  has a linear amino acid structure rendering it similar to our alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (or α-MSH) responsible with the release of melanin. Melanotan 2 has a circular structure, helping it bind more tightly to the human melanocortin receptors (proteins associated with pigmentation genetics).

Originally these drugs were created to help people reduce the effects of sunburn and diminish the frequency of skin cancer cases. Some might think that this is the cure for albinism, but those suffering from this condition lack the genetic information about pigmentation altogether, thus increasing the levels of melanin releasing hormones is pointless.

Results and side effects

Melanotan 1 AndThough both peptides were created for the same propose, Melanotan 2 is a shorter and circular derivate of melanotan and its side effects are more numerous compared first version of the drug. Melanotan or afamelanotide may produce the following side effects: skin pigmentation, nausea, loss of appetite, facial redness, headaches, fatigue, pruritus, vertigo, multiplication and/or darkening of moles, hyperpigmentation or white spots. The list of melanotan 2 side effects includes the above mentioned and more: increased sexual drive, physical sexual arousal and in some cases anaphylactic shock.

The list mentioned above seems rather dense, yet the symptoms are included in the category of mild side effects. More severe side effects are usually experienced when overdosing. It is worth mentioning that since melanotan is so similar to human α-MSH, side effects are less severe compared to those experienced when administering melanotan 2. Though melanotan might seem a safer option, most bodybuilders prefer melanotan 2, as they consider they can reach their goal faster and with less substance.

Economical aspects

Considering the side effects, melanotan may appear as the best option that will provide the desired result with minimum damage. Still, sometimes that is not enough. When people try out new things, they think about costs before thinking about their safety. Since bodybuilders reported that melanotan 2 is cheaper and more effective than melanotan, melanotan 2 seems to be in the top of buyer preference.

Both drugs have not yet received approval by any government, since there isn’t much clinical research that would confirm whether they represent a thread to our health. There are some studies revolving melanotan 1 and researchers are putting in a lot of effort to make melanotan 1 available in pharmacies in order to help those who get sunburn easily and minimize the risk of skin cancer.

How To Overcome Side Effects Caused By Melanotan

Melanotan is a tanning synthetic hormone initially created to protect people with fair skin from sun injuries by simulating the secretion of melanin. Basically the drug would be injected in the layer of fat beneath the skin and would trick the body into producing more skin pigment, without being exposed to UV rays. But melanotan also comes with a set of not very pleasant side effects. The good news is that there are ways to overcome them.

  1. Dizziness

Some users that tried melanotan felt lightheaded, weak. They would be deprived of their ability to move. Not many know this, but there are ways to stop dizziness. Whether you feel off balance or as if the surroundings are spinning, stop what you are doing. Sit and put your head between your legs or lie down. Breathe deeply while sitting or lying down. This will help increase the blood flow to your brain. Stay hydrated and drink water or sports drinks to replenish lost minerals. Have something to eat as dizziness can be caused by low blood sugar. Because of the great balance between water and sugar, fruits are good alternatives.

To keep your dizziness from getting worse, stare at a certain spot and avoid bright lights. Bright lights worsen dizziness and looking at a non-moving spot will convince your brain the surroundings aren’t moving. On the long term, get plenty of rest and increase you fluid intake. Also, consider taking motion sickness medication.

  1. Nausea

Melanotan has also been linked to nausea. The first thing to do is try to relax, as anxiety will only worsen the situation. Have regular meals even if it sounds impossible. If nausea is followed by vomiting and/or diarrhea you need to replace the nutrients you’ve lost. Try bland foods such as toast, rice, bananas, boiled chicken breast as they are easier to digest and have small meals throughout the day. Avoid processed, spicy and greasy foods. They will only make you feel even sicker.

Consume ginger and lemons, as they can both alleviate nausea. Ginger tea with lemon is a great idea. Some pharmacies sell soluble minerals, which are great if nausea is associated with vomiting.  Stay away from sweet and carbonated drinks. They will harm even more an upset stomach. Also avoids dairy products because they are difficult to digest. If everything else fails, take medication. Nausea is temporary when using melanotan, so I pill might just do the trick.

  1. Loss of appetite

Some users have experienced extreme loss of appetite while doing melanotan tanning jabs. If you experience lack of appetite, surround yourself with your favorite foods. You see, to prevent loosing muscle mass, you need to eat. Stick to a schedule consisting in small meals. Stay away from strong odors and heavy meals as they will make you feel nauseous. If solid food won’t go in, try turning your food into juice. Not only will you stay hydrated, you will also get lots of nutrients.

Whatever side effects you may experience while using melanotan, try to stay relaxed. Stress will only make things worse. Eat regularly and don’t neglect sleep. If things go out of hand, refer to a pharmacist or see a doctor. Health has priority.

Dermatological Concerns Regarding Injectable Tanning Drugs – Melanotan

What would you do if someone were to promise you a 10mg bottle worth of perfect tan? Would you go for it, regardless the risks, or would you be wary of such people? As time passes more people, especially bodybuilders are tempted to try appearance enhancing drugs to look leaner or more toned. One of such substances is melanotan, a synthetic hormone meant to provide the buyer with a golden tan all year round.

How melanotan works

Melanotan is an injectable drug designed to stimulate the production of melanin responsible with skin pigmentation. Once introduced in our body, in the subcutaneous fat layer of the belly to be more precise, melanotan mimics the behavior of our own hormones, creating the same environment as if we were exposed to UV light, but without the light.

Several side effects have been spotted due to melanotan use, such as nausea, headaches and dizziness. Among the side effects that represent a concern for dermatologists are facial flushing which implies a severe allergic reaction and the darkening as well as multiplication of moles and freckles. These side effects that affect the skin are considered normal because if moles and freckles are accumulations of melanocytes (specialized cells found in our skin responsible for melanin secretion), it’s logical that they would change color first in case the human body were to release even more melanin.


Concerns regarding our health state

Many doctors are increasingly alarmed about the side effects of melanotan. Concern is especially focused on the multiplication of moles and freckles. Melanoma is the most aggressive type of skin cancer which spreads due to the mutation of melanocytes found in the darker areas of the skin such as moles and freckles. Hence, people with a higher number of moles are more susceptible of getting skin cancer. Now, it is known that the number of moles is determined by genetics and for that reason, the drug’s ability to increase moles and freckles raises some serious questions.

Melanotan was developed to help those with sensitive skin to endure sunlight better. However, there have been people diagnosed with cancer that tried melanotan, with poor results. Some were even hospitalized due to severe allergic reactions and described their experience as a continuous sickness. Still, due to the lack of clinical research, no one can tell for sure whether those reactions were caused by melanotan, or if the cause was different.

Still, melanotan is illegal to sell in most countries, but not illegal to purchase over the internet. Despite medical warnings, this synthetic hormone is more and more popular, as people are sometimes too desperate to achieve the look of their dreams. And they would not stop at anything until they reach their goal, even if it costs them their health.

Most doctors advise people to refrain from using unlicensed drugs as they can pose serious health risks. And since no one would be able to evaluate the gravity of the situation, it might be for the best if melanotan and similar drugs were banned and people buying them were panelized for purchasing.